Mr.Magdy Taha, CEO and General Manager of Sudatel stated that the Sudatel Telecom Group has begun the trial operation of the (5G) network for communications in Sudan through its national operator (Sudanese), indicating that the starting point for the experiments was headed by the group in the Sudatel tower located in the center of Khartoum because of its symbolism and indication of the leadership of the group And an indication of an upcoming revolution in the field of communications that the group will lead, God willing

And Eng. Jaafar Salih, Deputy Director for Technical Affairs of the Sudatel Group, said, adding that the date (22-2-2022) will be recorded in letters of light for our national operator, Sudani, as the first telecommunications company in the country to initiate this technology, announcing the linking of new industries to the network and the entry of the communications industry and technology into a new era for experimentation. The Internet of Things era in Sudan.

Engineer Hammam Othman, Technical Director of the Sudani Network, added that the (fifth generation) network experiments are taking place on the 3.5GHz frequency band with high frequency capacities that enable obtaining a transmission speed of approximately (1) gigabit per second and an access speed of less than 3ms, which allows for high-speed browsing and downloading. Faster  With the success of the trial operation, Sudani developed a solid plan to implement the planned expansion and spread and to achieve the desired results in the coming period. It is worth noting that this distinguished event comes - in the march of the Sudanese national operator - within the overall strategic vision of the Sudatel Group, to become a leading regional group through information and communication technology and innovation through its operators in Africa.